APM is a Russia-based research and software development house with a 25-years of experience in developing CAE software. Founded as an innovation department of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the company became a leading provider of CAE software for mechanical design, architecture, engineering, and construction. APM offers software that covers strength and dynamic analysis, calculations of machine parts, continuum mechanics, and thermophysics.

Web: http://apmwm.com

Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • APM Studio

“Geometric models optimized by C3D Modeler let us generate the high-quality meshes necessary for FEA simulation in the APM software suite.”
Sergey Rozinsky, the Deputy Director of APM

Partnership Timeline


APM deploys the geometric modeling kernel and data converters from C3D Labs into APM Studio, which is responsible for preparing 3D models for finite element analysis.


APM licenses C3D Modeler and C3D Converter to import and improve 3D models, before calculations are carried out. Reading files in the STEP format is of primary importance.