The Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIIEF is the largest research center in Russia that successfully addresses defense, science and national economy problems. Today the primary mission of the Institute is to ensure the reliability and safety of nuclear weapons in Russia. The RFNC - VNIIEF offers a powerful computational, experimental, testing and production base that allows timely and effective solutions to the tasks assigned to the Institute.


Products based on C3D Toolkit:


“We look forward to using the C3D geometric kernel to build computational meshes for 3D models, and for simplifying, adjusting, and improving the computational geometry. Our collaboration has proven to be productive for both teams.”
Valery Budnikov, Head of department at VNIIEF

Partnership Timeline


RFNC VNIIEF licenses C3D Toolkit, including the C3D Modeler geometric modeling kernel, the C3D Solver constraint manager, and the C3D Converter data exchange module.