Bazis-Center develops CAD software for the furniture industry. The company has 17 years of experience by working closely with specialists at furniture production companies. Today, the software is used by 4,000 companies in Russia and internationally.

Their flagship BAZIS-System software handles all stages needed in making cabinet-type furniture – from design through to manufacturing. The software models the products in 3D; processes orders; performs traditional and parametric design; lays out materials; calculates BOMs and generates costing reports; and creates the control programs for CNC machines, which cut the pieces needed to make the furniture.



Products based on C3D Toolkit:


“We conducted a thorough analysis of the geometric kernels on the market. We used two criteria: we looked for the one with the best ability to handle the needs specific to the furniture design; and we looked for the kernel with the best functionality, performance, and cost ratio. After searching for six months, we concluded that our needs would best be fulfilled by the C3D geometric kernel.”
Natalia Bakulina, CEO of Bazis-Center

Partnership Timeline


The release 10 of BAZIS-Furniture Maker, the main module of BAZIS-System, delivers significant improvements in calculating the 3D geometry of grooves and bodies, including along closed paths. BAZIS applies principles used in bending non-sheet bodies, which is a new feature in the C3D Modeler geometric kernel from C3D Labs.


Bazis-Center is the very first software firm to license the C3D Modeler geometric kernel from C3D Labs.