C3D Toolkit for MCAD Applications

C3D Toolkit modules allow developing multi-function MCAD applications either for general-purpose mechanical design or for streamlined vertical tasks.

The modules of the C3D Toolkit are integrated together, but can also be used stand-alone:

  • C3D Modeler offers a wide range of methods for working with curves and surfaces in 2D and 3D to create models and assemblies of nearly any shape and complexity. Available are operations for constructing objects, generating intersections and projections, obtaining triangulations, calculating areas and volumes, and more.
  • C3D Solver enables you to create and manage connections between geometric objects, to maintain constraints, and to dynamically detect collisions between bodies.
  • C3D Converter offers a wide selection of exchange formats for importing and exporting data, such as STEP, IGES, SAT, X_T, X_B, and JT.
  • C3D Vision generates visualizations of 3D models directly using the C3D Modeler’s geometric kernel methods.

Complete Toolkit for Developing MCAD Applications

C3D Toolkit provides you the capability to build powerful applications for any task that modern MCAD systems need to perform. The applications can range from a simple CAE program for calculating volumes to full-featured MCAD applications implementing construction, visualization, multi-component assembly editing, and exports to third-party applications. C3D Toolkit solves any task, regardless of the level of complexity.
Complete Toolkit for Developing MCAD Applications

Highly Accurate Geometric Calculations

All of the algorithms used by the C3D Toolkit operate at a very high level of accuracy. This is a prerequisite for MCAD applications because when working with product data it is crucial to obtain results with minimal deviations from true values. Some methods in our API allow you to set the accuracy of calculations when users need to trade-off accuracy for speed.

Parallel Computing

A key performance indicator of MCAD applications that influences the perception of users is the speed at which they can construct 3D models and that the software performs calculations. Many of the sophisticated algorithms in C3D Toolkit operate in parallel to maximize the performance of your applications.

Fully Documented API

The process of developing MCAD applications with the C3D Toolkit modules is greatly simplified with the documentation we supply. To give you a head start in learning to use C3D Toolkit, we have posted the detailed API documentation on our website, in addition to supplying it as a local file. The documentation includes detailed descriptions of the methods, along with specific examples on how to work with the modules of the C3D Toolkit.
Fully Documented API