Meet Our Team

C3D Labs is headed by a team of experienced managers and graduate-level specialists in the field of CAD. Our employees are masters of the С++ programming language and have an excellent knowledge of higher mathematics. They are successful in applying their knowledge to practice, such as by using numerical methods to solve mathematical problems, and implementing the APIs included with C3D.

Nikolay Golovanov, Ph.D.

Head of C3D Development Center

Yuri Kozulin, Ph.D.

Head of C3D Modeler Department

Alexander Maksimenko

Head of C3D Solver Department

Oleg Zykov

CEO of C3D Labs


Eduard Maksimenko, Ph.D.

Head of C3D Vision Department

Tatiana Mitina

Head of Programming Department

Anna Ladilova, Ph.D. in Maths

Mathematician and Programmer

Alexander Spivakov

Head of C3D Converter Department


Andrey Penkin

Mathematician and Programmer

Sergey Biryukov

Mathematician and Programmer

Alexander Alakhverdyants

Mathematician and Programmer

Alexey Kozyrev



Vladimir Latyshev

Mathematician and Programmer

Andrey Tumanin, Ph.D.

Mathematician and Programmer

Ekaterina Sukhodolskaya

Sales Development Manager

Olga Kalyagina

Marketing and Communications


Julia Kuzmina

Chief Accountant

Tatiana Kondrikova

Mathematician and Programmer

Boris Pastukhov

DevOps Engineer

Sergey Klimkin