Our Company

In 1995 ASCON developed its own geometric kernel, after having laid the foundation for its KOMPAS-3D three-dimension modeling software. Over the next two decades, ASCON continued to develop the С3D kernel in line with the needs of the architectural and machine building industries of Europe and Asia.

In November 2012, the mathematical division of ASCON became a separate company, and was named C3D Labs. It was assigned the task of developing the C3D geometric modeling kernel as a standalone product, and of introducing it to the market internationally. Today, C3D Labs is a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center, located outside of Moscow.

Nikolay Golovanov, PhD, heads the group of highly qualified specialists working on the mathematical and software parts of the C3D kernel. All of them are graduates of leading universities and institutes, and were selected following strict competitive testing for their knowledge in relevant disciplines, as well as their mastery of practical programming skills.

The C3D Labs team continuously improves the way that geometric models are constructed and computed. The team promotes a customer-centric approach to working on projects and offers flexible licensing terms of C3D components that take into account our customer’s’ unique business models.

ASCON Group develops and integrates engineering software in the areas of automated design and production. The company’s products embody the achievements of the Russian school of mathematics, coupled with 25 years of experience in creating CAD. ASCON has deep expertise in the fields of design and control of engineering data in machine building and construction. ASCON software is used by over 9,500 industrial firms and design organizations all over the world.