In 1995, ASCON made the decision to write its own geometric kernel when it began work on a new MCAD system known today as KOMPAS-3D. The three-dimensional modeling system was released commercially in 2000, but the kernel was used only by the company for its own software. In 2012, the company released the kernel to the engineering market as standalone product called C3D.

Over the decades, ASCON continually improved C3D in tandem with KOMPAS-3D. This list covers the most significant improvements made each year:

ASCON has been developing its geometric kernel for 20 years through improvements to its architecture, such as creating new functions, and updating previously implemented methods. With the unique experience it gained from the practical application of its KOMPAS-3D software running on tens of thousands of workstations, ASCON was able to introduce C3D to the market as a mature, standalone product. It is now developed and promoted through the C3D Labs division of the ASCON Group.

Tatiana Yankina, founder of ASCON Group
KOMPAS-3D, flexible 3D modeling system